JoBeth Clayden

Yoga Teacher

Jobeth is passionate about bringing the gift of yoga to others to help create balance and wellness.

The classes are designed to guide you gently toward developing strength at both the physical and emotional level, helping you to find a new appreciation and connection to your body and build every day resilience in your experience of the world.

Marise Jose

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is for everyone, especially for people who wish to love their bodies back to health and to maintain supple musculature, strong bones, a calm mind and a full loving heart.

Join me to learn correct technique, safe use of props and to become a more vibrant you.

My experience in the field & the health I enjoy as a result, spans over 30 years. I have been gifted incredible teachers over these years and I look forward to sharing the yoga benefits with you.

Nelly Pytlak

Yoga Teacher

Take a deep breath and flow with Nelly! With an infectious smile and a melodic tone, you will feel the warmth with this fun-loving local teacher. Nelly is passionate about creating spaces that invite students to relax deeply into themselves and leave with an open heart. You will be guided into a delicious yoga practice suitable for all skill levels.

Nelly’s passion for yoga blossomed 4 years ago in Poland. In 2018 she completed the 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Traning at Yoke Yoga in Torquay, Australia. Always happy to learn more, Nelly completed a 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Pheely (a well-respected Yoga teacher from Melbourne) in 2019. Nelly is happy to share her journey with her students and we are happy to have her on board!

Kate McAnergney

Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Kate McAnergney and I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years. I teach a flowing style of Hatha yoga focusing on the integration of breath, movement, sound and internal awareness. I am passionate about helping guide all comers towards experiencing ‘yoga’ in and for themselves. Rather than trying to meet some external ideal of flexibility, strength or coordination, I encourage students to take their time, to really feel what is happening in their bodies and minds from moment to moment and…. to enjoy themselves!

I have a specific interest in offering practices that support women through life’s changes (menstruation, pregnancy/post-partum and menopause) and will be teaching the yoga for pregnancy and birth course here at Elements. I have 3 children (11, 8 and 2) and taught and practiced yoga throughout each of my pregnancies.

Katrina McLeod

Yoga Teacher

‘Yoga makes me smile, inside and out. From the first class that I attended I was hooked. Yoga just felt right. The asana practice began to change who I was at a deep level. Yoga made me feel stronger, more flexible, calmer; I always left the class feeling better than when I arrived. Yoga made a difference – physically, mentally, emotionally.

What started out as curiosity turned into a deep passion. I will always be a student of yoga and am deeply grateful for the guidance it provides Connection to breath, Joy in stillness, Peace within. Cultivate mindfulness and awareness on and off the mat. Live more consciously. Give more lovingly. Yoga is for every body.’

Carmel Thomas

Yoga Teacher

Hi my name is Carmel, l am passionate about assisting people who are seeking emotional and physical relief and life balance through the practice of yoga. My classes follow a practice that aims to soothe the nervous system and bring you back into connection with your breath.

Classes are trauma informed (healing and restoring body/mind imbalances), creating a safe environment with variations to ensure all students feel safe in their practice. Students are invited to come into their best possible form of each asana which is right for their own unique body with an opportunity for each student to take what they need from their practice.

I believe in a truly holistic practice, so that yoga supports not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Jacqui DeCoque

Yoga Teacher

Jacqui has been doing yoga for 8 yrs now and is deeply appreciative of the benefits gained through her ongoing yoga practice.

Jacqui has seen tremendous change in her body’s strength and flexibility since beginning yoga and feels grateful for the ‘calmer mind space’ that consistent yoga practice has provided.

A qualified yoga teacher Jacqui has taught for 3 years and is keen to pass on the benefits of yoga practice in teaching 3 classes a week at Elements studio.

Jacqui will teach a Foundation class for beginners as a gentle introduction to yoga poses, a General/Yin class and acRestore Class for deep yogic rest and restoration. The Restore class will include some gentle yoga poses but will consist of mostly poses for regeneration and is a great class to bring rest to both body and mind.

Lynney Cole

Yoga Teacher

Coming from a corporate background Lynne has been an advocate of Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellness spanning more than two decades.

Over this time Lynney has trained in the modalities of Hatha Yoga, Yin/Restore Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong and Meditation and Mindfulness.

For the past 5 years Lynney has been offering classes in Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin and Restore), Meditation and Mindfulness and Private Sessions for Life Coaching and Soul Psycotherapy from her Studio in the Otways Big Room Yoga.

Lynne is a student for life, seeking personal development to be the best version of herself. She is devoted to her own practices as well as assisting others in their journey of personal development.

“Yoga improves strength and flexiblity for all ages and all levels of fitness, The practice of Yoga empowers people to deal with daily stresses, these wonderful ancient practices strengthen our ability to manage personal health and wellbeing and that in itself is such a gift.” I look forward to assisting you on your wellness journey.

Jessica Fitzmauren

Yoga Teacher

Jessica has loved yoga from the moment she set foot in a studio, she appreciates that the practise gives you what you want but most importantly it gives you what you need.

With a focus beyond the physical practise Jess’ classes incorporate asana, pranayama and meditation techniques which are suitable for all levels. Bringing a light hearted approach to teaching, her aim is for each student to feel a connection to their true self and leave the class a little lighter than they came into it.

Join Jess for Friday Flow at 6pm the perfect way to unwind from the week and refocus your energies into the weekend.

Mia Molan

Yoga Teacher

Mia began exploring yoga 13 years ago to help wind mentally down after long busy days working as a trauma nurse. Her practice deepened physically and spiritually into more regular practice a few years later.

After years of classes and self-practice Mia completed formal training in yoga teaching and began teaching yoga as mental health nurse in schools & community settings with a trauma sensitive focus.

Her teaching style draws from her training in traditional teachings in hatha, vinyasa & yin styles. Classes offer a safe space for people of all abilities & diverse back grounds to explore the positive effects of yoga- the connection between mind & body, increasing physical flexibility & strength and improving health & well being on and off the mat.

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