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This blog shares some deeper essence and experiences of Yoga, Geelong. There are some things to take into considerations when exploring your own practice and the right studio for you.

Which Studio ?

When considering a Yoga Studio there are many things to take into account. Size, Style, warm environment, welcoming staff etc. The right place for you will not only feel right it will continue to feel right and provide you with an ongoing Yoga journey. There are many different studio’s with different styles out there in Geelong, Yoga has many different faces. Some studio’s feel more like a gym, everyone seems to have the perfect Yoga body and a lot of Ego strutting around. Some studio’s are hot and sweaty (Bikram yoga), personally I look for a studio that’s down to earth and welcoming. When considering Yoga Geelong has many options. There is a studio out there to suit everybody.

Elements Yoga Studio is a good example of a down to earth warm and welcoming environment. There’s a good, well balanced timetable with different styles and classes to suit everybody at a time that suits. With several stronger classes such as Vinyasa as well as traditional Hatha yoga and softer classes like Yin and Restore, they also provide Foundation (beginners) classes.

Yoga Geelong is growing. My advice is to go and try several studio’s for yourself to find the right environment.  The atmosphere is everything, it needs to suit you and where you’re at in life. At Elements we believe Yoga is for anybody, at any age, fitness or flexibility level, all you need is an interest in improving your health, wellness and vitality. Pensioners are most welcome at Elements with many discount options available for pensioners.

Yoga in Elements Studio in Belmont, Geelong

Elements Yoga Studio

Healing through Yoga

My own story highlights the value of a regular yoga practice in staying healthy and healing all sorts of imbalances and blocks (whether they be psychological, emotional and physical). It’s a story of how Yoga succeeded when the medical profession failed.

In 2009 Yoga helped me overcome a major pain in the neck. The doctor sat opposite me and said “you have degeneration in the disc, you’re getting older’. He said it’s only going to get worse, best you can do is manage it from here”. Well me being me I wasn’t going to take that for an answer. I asked him what I could do to overcome it rather than ‘manage it’. He looked at me as if I had rocks in my head. After that meeting with the doctor I decided to increase my yoga practice to a regular 2 to 3 times a week. Within a few weeks the pain in my neck reduced dramatically and I regained almost full range of movement. (a part of me would have loved to walk back into that doctor’s office and go ‘check this out’, healed !

Personal challenges

In 2014 I began having serious problems in my lower back. My yoga practice had slackened by that stage (was just catching a class here and there). My back became more painful so I sought help through myotherapy, osteopathy, had x-rays, reiki, massage, acupuncture and even sound healing. These therapy sessions only provided temporary relief.

Then I remembered how Yoga had helped with my neck all those years earlier so once again I turned to yoga to see if it would help. I began attending 3 classes per week and within 3 weeks my back was improving dramatically. I could sneeze without having a mini seizure with the pain jolt in my back. Soon I could bend down toward my toes without excruciating pain. I was surprised that it was beginning to heal, just like my neck had.

The benefits of Yoga Geelong are so many that you’d be crazy to not incorporate a practice into your daily life.

Yoga Healing and Benefits in Elements yoga studio

Healing poses

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga not only Improves Flexibility it also Increases Strength, Improves blood flow, Boosts immunity, Lowers blood sugar levels, and clears up so many physical aches and pains.

It’s not only physical benefits that Yoga offers. Yoga is also one of the main practices that leads people toward higher state of self awareness (consciousness), it facilitates personal and spiritual growth.

The healing and benefits of Yoga in the Elements Yoga studio in Belmont

Who is Yoga for ?

Yoga is for AnyBody, and EveryBody. Male, female, old, young it really doesn’t matter, if you have a body and mind, and would like that body and mind to feel better (and who wouldn’t want that), then yoga is for you.

Elements Yoga studio gets a whole range of people coming in for classes. I love the diversity and range of people who attend classes. It’s a community where there’s connection and warmth from the teachers and others. That’s why I love it so much. It’s light, warm and welcoming, with rich wooden floors with plants that bring greenery and life.

Elements studio might not be for everyone, the idea is to find a yoga studio that feels right for you. If you’d prefer more hard core yoga practice for high levels of ‘fitness’ then some of the other studio’s might be better suited. Some people Love Bikram because it’s more hardcore. For me there’s a balance of male (Yang) and female (Yin) that I’m seeking in my teacher and studio, I find this at Elements.

Why so popular ?

Yoga is sweeping the planet and there are good reasons for that. It is such a balanced, holistic series of postures (asana’s) which seem to open up energy channels that other forms of exercise simply can’t do. I used to be a gym guy, each week rocking up and sweating it out, on the treadmills, on the bikes, lifting weights, pumping iron. Then when I reached 40 years old I just knew there was another way to attain high levels of fitness and wellness, that’s when I found Yoga in Geelong.

You can also do a home practice, that’s a great idea, but there is something special about attending a class at the studio, it has a certain energy that allows you to connect with the practice through the teacher and others in the room that you just can’t emulate at home.

For me I try to do a little at home and a few classes at the studio each week.
The difference of incorporating Yoga into your life will be noticeable in your body, your mind, and your emotions. So many people have experienced a remarkable difference in their lives after incorporating yoga classes into their routine.

How often ?

One class a week is good, 2 is better and will help you maintain a certain wellness level. But for ongoing development and really deep levels of wellness 3 classes per week seems like the ideal. I know people who attend up to 5 classes per week and they seem to be shining a level of personal wellness that can’t be denied.

I try to get to 3 classes per week, this seems like a great foundation for ongoing wellness for me (I haven’t had a cold for 5 years ! ). Yoga mixed with some clean eating is a recipe for feeling an inner glow that can’t be dimmed. So, what are you waiting for, get out there and get Yoga’ing.

If you would like to know about a great meditation and Yoga Retreat visit their website or find some information on my personal website

Obviously my favourite studio is Elements in Belmont (Vic), I’m a huge fan, that’s why I wrote this. If you’d like to connect with them just call 0414 586 910 or book on this website.

Thanks for reading my blog, Steve Tibbits, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Geelong.