Otways Awakenings 2 day Retreat

Yoga and Meditations and more

There are 2 Otways Awakenings retreats per year. These retreats are fully catered with organic vegetarian food prepared by Hare Krishna chefs. So you don’t have to lift a finger, it’s all done for you.
The retreats evolve as the weekend unfolds. Consisting of meditations, yoga classes, group gatherings and activities, healings, and many opportunities for Awakening deep parts of yourself.

The weekend’s are uplifting, you’ll journey with likeminded people in a space that becomes your sanctuary, a safe, non-threatening space to allow your personal journey to unfold. It’s a space where the usually barriers of the ego can fall away revealing deeper personal pain and ultimately profound healing of that pain to occur.

With a Spirit of openness we journey through the weekend. Supporting one another as deeper emotions arise, allowing for personal transformation to occur.
Many people return to these retreats again and again because they find the retreat so fulfilling.
Steve has dedicated his life to helping others reach their highest potential. He has facilitated retreats over the last 8 years. Each one is different combinations of those attending guiding the direction of each retreat. “When a group of people come together like this in the sprit of openness profound things happen. Empowerment, transformation and awakenings are possible for every person present” – Steve.

Cost is only $365 per person.

The retreats are run in March/April and November each year.
Call or text Steve on 0414 586 910

Back to Basics 1 Day Forest Retreat

Yoga and Meditations and more

This retreat is run from a small cabin surrounded by 50 acres of Old growth Otway forest. The retreat consists of meditations in the forest and yoga in the forest and a meditation or swim at the ocean.

Cost is only $85 per person.

BYO lunch.

Call or text Steve for details 0414 586 910

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