The Vision

Elements Yoga was designed as a One Stop Wellness Shop. Where you get to choose therapies and Yoga interventions to attain maximum wellness in all areas of your life.

At Elements we are dedicated to helping you overcome any issue you are currently facing. We feel confident in our experience and expertise to assist you in any area of life, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual to attain your highest wellness potential. We work collaboratively and holistically to help you achieve your wellness goals.

We are passionate and ready to assist you in any area of your life. You deserve the best because you are worth it.

The Therapists

Not all therapists get to work at Elements. Therapists are chosen not only for their experience and expertise in the field but also for their genuine passion and dedication to the clients they work with.

The 3 main qualities of an Elements therapist are, they walk the walk, they are dedicated to their field, provide depth to get to the root cause of the issue (not just treating the symptoms) so that lasting results are attained.

We are here for you.

The Teachers

Elements Yoga Teachers are carefully chosen, they must walk the walk and encompass the essence of yoga. They possess qualities such as depth, compassion and a certain devotion to the practices of yoga.

They are friendly, warm and engaging and are ready to assist you to reach your personal yoga goals (not push you, guide and assist you. Our teachers are always learning and evolving new ways of bringing you the right yoga practice for you.

Supporting your practice.

The One Stop Shop

The modern world allows for more choice. And people’s healing and wellness choices are returning to a more natural way, aligning with the natural intelligence and healing ability of the human mind/body complex given the right environment and guidance.

At Elements we support this approach. We are dedicated to finding the deeper cause of presenting issues. Whether they be of mind, emotion, body or spiritual. We feel we have the team that can help you return to your natural state of shining wellness in all areas of your life.

We work collaboratively with each client to help them achieve maximum wellness. We provide the knowledge and expertise. Cross centre referrals are common as we work together to provide you with the most comprehensive treatments possible.

You’ll experience a warm and welcoming environment and a group of therapists, and yoga teachers working together to achieve the highest wellness potential for you.