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Welcome to Elements Yoga

Elements Yoga Studio is a yoga studio with a Big Heart, conveniently located in High st. Belmont.  We are passionate about bringing the deeper essence of Yoga to the studio. This essence (connection to mind, body and soul through the practice of Yoga) can be lost when we focus too much on achievement rather than a true deeper connection. We’re interested growing your connection with your deeper Self, developing Self Love.  (a soul connection rather than ego connection)

We Proudly state “We are not a handstanding instagramming kind of studio”. We are a down to earth studio keeping it real and creating a feeling of Home for our Students.

Elements is known as The Home of Yin, because there’s a focus on the Yin  (Being, Connectedness, the Journey, Self Love), rather than the Yang (which can be a lot about Doing).

Elements classes provide a deeply restful, nourishing and rejuvenating experience. Our focus is to assist you to have the most satisfying yoga practice possible. Leaving feeling rejuvenated, connected and deeply relaxed.

“Elements is a beautiful, down to earth studio, it’s light filled with natural wooden floors and just the right amount of greenery, a softness and warmth that wraps around you” – Beth

Our yoga teachers are dedicated to each student who enters the space regardless of previous experience (whether it’s your first class or your 50oth you’ll enjoy a deeply satisfying class and feel like a part of the elements family).  We have the experience to support your practice wherever you’re at. At Elements yoga studio we are dedicated to providing classes that suit all experience levels.

Many people are out of balance these days, too much Yang (male, ego, doing doing doing, busy busy busy).  And some Yoga studio’s focus on these things (some of our students have come to us because they’ve noticed there’s a lot of Ego at some local studio’s).  At Elements we recognise the need for more Yin (female, connected) in most people’s lives.  Yoga at Elements helps restore balance, a missing and valuable piece in many people’s lives.

We are not a hand-standing, Insta-graming type of studio.  We are a warm welcoming studio, down to earth, creating a safe space for people, like you and me, who seek the deeper connection and wellness Yoga can offer.

“I Love getting on the mat at Elements, it’s a space I can let go and surrender” – Tracey Davies

You can book in and enjoy a class today, everything is provided (mats, bolsters etc).  Book a class here or download the Mindbody app in your app store and search elements, its so easy to start or continue your Yoga journey today 🙂

Delivering Yoga with Integrity, Depth and Essence.


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